101 Uses for Apple Cider Vinegar

From salad dressing to treat fever, Apple Cider Vinegar has many uses. Here we have mentioned its common 101 uses:

  1. Cooking
  2. Helps in making Vinaigrette
  3. Home-produced mayonnaise
  4. Helps in a baking buttermilk pancake
  5. Baking
  6. Roast
  7. To soften food while cooking add Apple Cider Vinegar
  8. To avoid broken shells add apple cider vinegar in boiling eggs
  9. Helps in smashing the meat
  10. Soothes Eczema
  11. Works as a skin toner
  12. Helps to treat acne
  13. Works as a facial mask
  14. Mole remover
  15. Removes Wart
  16. Use as a face wash
  17. Use as a makeup remover
  18. Clothes softener
  19. Use it as a cleaner
  20. Add Apple Cider Vinegar in a washing machine while rinsing your clothes
  21. Safe to clean the menstrual cup
  22. Use it to avoid ants
  23. Soften your skin
  24. Treats Sunburn
  25. Heals all sorts of skin issues
  26. Remove skin tags
  27. Use it to trap flies
  28. Helps in cleaning humidifier
  29. Clear a blocked drain
  30. Deeply cleanses the silver jewelry
  31. Prevents dandruff
  32. Gargle
  33. Use while washing hair for smooth and shiny hairs
  34. Breaks down fat in the cell
  35. Use it as a hair conditioner
  36. Whiten your teeth
  37. Grows hair in bald spots
  38. Soften your hairs
  39. Helps to solve skin issues
  40. Keep your hair dye intact
  41. Add it in bone soup
  42. Wash fruits and vegetables
  43. Thickens milk while making buttermilk
  44. Use it for salad dressing
  45. Bind bologna meat
  46. Soaks grains
  47. Kills weed
  48. Whiten your laundry
  49. Use it while rinsing cloth diapers
  50. Keep the cats away
  51. Cleans menstrual sponges
  52. Make a flea spray
  53. Treats conjunctivitis of dogs
  54. Prevent parasites
  55. Solve the problem of ear mites in cats and dogs
  56. Mix it with water and baby shampoo to make a safe dog shampoo
  57. Boost the chicken immune system
  58. Helps in B strep tests
  59. Helps in thrush situation in babies
  60. Halts a gallbladder attack
  61. Helps in Nausea and Vomiting
  62. Homemade deodorant
  63. Soothes muscle cramps
  64. Treats bursitis
  65. Works as a natural antihistamine
  66. Treats molluscum
  67. Remedy for fever blister
  68. Prevents yeast infection
  69. Kills bacteria that causes cradle cap in babies
  70. Shrinks fibroid
  71. Soothes earache
  72. Soak it to set colors of new clothes
  73. Helps in respiratory problems
  74. Breakdown carbohydrates
  75. Treats bacterial skin infection
  76. Relieve arthritis symptoms
  77. Helps in weight loss
  78. Maintain blood glucose
  79. Avoid mastitis
  80. Control the symptoms of PCOS
  81. Soothes menstrual cramps
  82. Brings down the level of cholesterol
  83. Maintains pH balance
  84. Builds the immune system
  85. Mix with tea or drinks
  86. Works as an energy drink
  87. Fights heartburn
  88. Treats sore throats and coughs
  89. Helps in an upset stomach
  90. Fights with fungus
  91. Kill candida overgrowth
  92. Soothes skin irritation and itchiness
  93. Relaxes the pain in joints
  94. Removal for a plantar wart
  95. Helps in morning sickness
  96. Clear sinus
  97. Immediate relief from acid reflux pain
  98. Remedy for cold and fever
  99. UTI’s
  100. Foot scrub
  101. Soothes diaper rashes

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