Vaseline With 1 Vitamin E Capsule Can Change Your Skin Overnight:


Your skin is always exposed to the external environment and can get affected by a lot of different harmful stimuli. In addition, some other factors including your body’s response to hormonal activities, certain underlying medical conditions, and medications, etc. can make your skin unhealthy and attractive.

You can opt from different methods of treatment for your skin, but you have to be very careful as the application of harsh chemical products can make your skin even worse. So, what’s the solution? Opting a gentle remedy can be very helpful for all types of skin problems.

Here is one such gentle and safe cream for you! You all know Vaseline is extremely effective to keep your skin soft and gentle. This petroleum jelly has been a go-to option for a lot of women. It is widely used even for daily skincare routine.

You can increase the effectiveness of Vaseline jelly by adding one vitamin E capsule to it. Both Vaseline and vitamin E capsules are individually very good for your skin and may offer you a lot of skin benefits. The combination of Vaseline and vitamin E can help you to make your skin soft and supple overnight!

Here is how you can use Vaseline and vitamin E capsule for your skin:

  • Take 2 tbsp Vaseline jelly in a clean bowl
  • Take out the oil of 4 vitamin E capsules
  • Mix both Vaseline jelly and vitamin E oil perfectly
  • Transfer the cream in an airtight plastic container
  • You can store this cream in the refrigerator for up to one month

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Directions for use:

  • Wash your face before going to bed
  • Pat your face dry with a soft cloth
  • Take a little amount of cream on your fingers and apply gently around the face
  • Leave overnight and avoid touching your face as much as possible
  • Wash in the morning using a gentle soap or facewash

Here are some of the amazing benefits of this combination:

  • It is very effective for puffy eyes and dark circles under the eyes.
  • If you are annoyed with premature wrinkles, you can use this cream for a few days. You’ll be surprised by the results.
  • This cream can improve the dark spots and blemishes, at it is rich in vitamin E.
  • You can also use this cream as a body lotion for keeping your body smooth and hydrated.
  • Application of the cream on eyebrows can keep them straight and beautiful (Use it carefully and avoid the exposure to your eyes).
  • Worried about the dryness of your lips? This cream can do wonders if you regularly apply it on your lips.
  • Having cracked heels is a common problem for women. The combination of Vaseline and vitamin E can improve the condition with a couple of weeks.
  • Who don’t hate those ugly stretch marks? What’s the solution? This multipurpose gentle cream!

Taking care of your skin is very important as healthy skin makes you look beautiful and healthy. This multipurpose cream can be a single solution for all your skin problems. And preparation is also super easy. So, prepare it today and take care of your skin gently and healthily! Happy beauty!

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