Rosemary Oil for Grey Hair

The biggest nightmare for teenagers is grey hair. Aging is a part of life, but premature aging signs like grey hair aren’t acceptable. Fortunately, you can get back that dark black color by using rosemary oil for grey hair.

Everyone yearns to look younger, but there is nothing anyone can do to stop the natural aging process. Your skin and hair are two important things that remind you about age. Grey hair commences when you’re about to celebrate your 40th birthday.

Sadly, due to unhealthy diet and alarming pollutants around us, you may expect a strand of grey hair in early 30’s or 20’s. It’s really a heart breaking sight to see the first grey hair. Thanks to natural remedies you can now at-least prevent further graying of hair.

Before dwelling on how to use rosemary oil to prevent grey hair, let’s know the causes of grey hair.

Like your skin, hair gets its color from a pigment known as melanin. More your body produces melanin darker the hair color you’ll have. When you start aging, melanin production naturally slows down resulting in grey hair. Genes affect production of melanin. So if any of your parents have grey hair at their early age, chances of you getting one is more. (1)

Rosemary is well known to help your grey hairs to be darkened over a period of time although not obvious for a long time and it is measured to be nourishment for the roots and also to the scalp. There are many peoples who are trying to help and encourage their hair to grow longer or better swear by a variety of rosemary infused recipes. If you are having long hairs with some hints of the gray, then you may want to avoid his using commercial dyes or some of the colours to protect the health of your hair. Over an extended period of time rosemary rinses and the oils are supposed to smoothly and softly darken your gray hairs easily.

Rosemary will be also eliminating the dryness and it will acts as an excellent conditioner. Moreover being whispered to the help for growing hair faster and to prevent untimely (no specific evidence to that at this point) it is also very good for the knock outing of dandruff from your scalp. If you are having blonde or light-colored then, you may not want to try this recipe as it may be darken your hair.

Rosemary essential oil may also be effective in treating the premature loss of your hair pigment that is greying of hair. It is believed that rosemary oil can be helping you to promote the pigmentation of the process of the hair, thus it is helping you to prevent greys before they appears.

In some of the cases it has also been reported that the rosemary oil has helped to revert the grey hair into black with sustained sue, though this is yet to be corroborated.

This is recommended because rosemary oil is extremely strong and it may induce side affects if it is applied directly to the hair. You may also add rosemary oil in your conditioners or shampoo bottle so that you can get gentle relevance every time you wash with it.

Rosemary essential oil has a light, approximately weightless texture, so it will leaves your hair fresh and clean without weighting down. When you used it correctly, oil does not clog up the pores like many other vegetable oils. Individual’s bigotry of the rosemary is extremely rare, so its domestic use for the cosmetic purposes is almost limitless, though essential oil is hypoallergenic and non-toxic. It is not recommended for the pregnant women’s.

Other factors like unhealthy diet, hormonal imbalance and lifestyle may cause graying to hair.

How to Use Rosemary Oil for Grey Hair?

Healing benefits and sacredness of rosemary oil are documented in ancient books. This woody smelled oil is prominently used for medical and culinary purposes. For thousands of years this oil had extensively used to improve memory, functioning of digestive system and relieve muscles pain.

Antioxidant activity of this oil can restrain free radicals that may cause grey hair. Anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer activity of this essential oil can help to treat ailments related to health, skin and hair.

Research show that assorted properties in rosemary oil can thwart cancer cells and stimulate hair growth. Anecdotal reports state that regular use of rosemary oil will decrease baldness, slows graying of hair and can treat dandruff.

Other benefits of rosemary oil include increase memory power, detoxifies liver, reduce stress, heals prostate, reduce joint pains, treat vaginal infection, reduce head ache and cough.

Rosemary and Sage Oil for Grey Hair

You can use rosemary oil alone to get rid of grey hair. Put 5 drops of the essential oil and massage slowly. The aromatic smell of rosemary oil will reduce stress and nutritional agents residing in it will penetrate deep into the scalp to stimulate hair growth.

Apart from oil, experts advice to take dried rosemary and sage leaves. Steep the ingredients in water, when the mixture is cooled apply it over scalp and hair.

This mixture helps to enhance pigmentation process of hair, by turning them to natural color of your hair. Hair problems like dandruff and itchy scalp can be treated by applying this oil.

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