5 Ways To Heal Your Gut That You Probably Haven’t Tried

The gut is basically the intestine of our body and as you may know, it helps in digestion and absorption of the food particles. It is important for the normal digestive system as any alteration will lead to many abnormalities. You may have heard of ‘leaky gut’.

The leaky gut basically refers to the increased permeability of the intestinal lining, allowing the undigested or partially digested food to be released in the bloodstream. No worries. In this article, you will learn the 5 ways to heal your gut that probably you haven’t tried.

1.Always eat in the parasympathetic stage.

The parasympathetic system is the division of the autonomic nervous system. The parasympathetic system deals with the breathing and digestion and it is basically which lowers the speed of everything. That’s why the phrase ‘rest and eat’ has been used widely.


When you eat in a restful manner, the gut lining is relaxed and therefore, it enhances the process of digestion. Apart from the times, when you eat in stressful condition, the gut is unable to digest and the partially digested food goes directly to the bloodstream and causes heartburns.

2.Chew longer and be acidity free

You must have heard that we should chew the food 30 times. Well, maybe you don’t follow that till now but after reading the advantages of it, you will start it anytime soon. When we chew the food, the saliva gets mixed with the particles and digest it but when we don’t chew to the maximum number of times,

the particles remain partially digested and it may result in the overwork of the gut cells. In order to have powerful healing, chew food a little longer.

3. Vitamin D is a gem!

The Sun has many uses and one of the most important is that we get vitamin D from the Sun. Vitamin D also plays an important role in having a healthy gut.

Vitamin D has a detoxifying property and therefore, it reduces the waste from our body. So, take out the time and sunbath a little whenever you get the chance.

4.Prebiotics and probiotics

These both are the gem for our gut. Probiotics, as you know, increases the gut flora in our gut and increases the good bacteria. These good bacteria help in smooth digestion.

The prebiotics is the food supplements that are easily available in the market and they boost up the probiotics in our gut and add flora to it. That’s how the gut cells help in digestion when there is an increase in the probiotics.

5. Use lesser known supplements

Well, when your gut is not working well, then you can take these supplements for the better function of the gut. The supplements like glutamine are so good for the gut and are well absorbed by the kidneys, liver, heart, and skin. So, these supplements detoxify waste products and protect the tissue.


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