10 Tough Core Exercises To Flatten Your Belly


Having a distended belly is never good for your personality. It doesn’t only make your body unhealthy; it also spoils your overall look. If you have unsuccessfully tried numerous different things to have a flat belly, here are a few very effective and tough core exercises for you.

If you are honest enough with these exercises, you will start seeing the difference very soon. Give a short at them!


Plank is one of the most effective exercises for those who are looking to reduce excessive fat from the abdomen. It directly targets your core and works wonderfully if you are determined enough to give your best shot every day.

Get into the pushup position, but bend your knees resting your weight on the forearms instead of whole hands. Form a perfectly straight line with your body from shoulders to the ankles.

You will feel a lot of pressure on your core. Keep yourself in this position for 30 seconds with deep breathing. Repeat it four to five times in the start and then increase gradually.

2.Side Plank:

Keep your knees straight and lie on the left side. Get yourself in upward position sharing the body weight with left elbow and forearm. Keep your feet properly stacked.

Slowly raise your hips to form a straight line. Be in the position for 30 odd seconds and repeat at least twice in the first week. Increase the number of sets slowly and see the difference in a few weeks.

3.Plank with raised left leg:

Take the same plank position we have discussed in the first exercise. Keep your abs as tight as you can. Lift your left leg slowly using the gluteal muscle. Keep a few inches off the floor and get relaxed. Do at least ten lifts on each side.

4.Straight arm plank:

Take the normal push up position and get your body off the floor as your arms should be perfectly straight. Make sure your back is parallel to your shoulders.

Keep yourself in the position for ten to thirty seconds depending on your strength and capacity. Repeat for five to ten times, again according to your comfort.

5.Side plank with lifting the leg:

Get into the position of side plank as we have discussed above. Raise the right leg and keep it in the air for ten seconds. Slowly get it back to the floor and repeat five to ten times.

It is a tough exercise and will put a lot of pressure on your abs. That’s what you should expect!

6.Straight and raised arm plank:

Again get into the push-up position. Raise your trunk to make sure shoulders and back are parallel to each other. Now slowly get your left hand off the surface. Keep yourself in the same position for a few seconds, and repeat a few times with changing the hands.

7.Straight arm plank touching the shoulder:

You have to follow the same steps as discusses in the previous exercise. Now, touch your right shoulder with the left hand. Keep it there for ten seconds. And then do the same thing with left shoulder and right hand. Repeat both sets five times each.

8.Russian twists:

Sit down properly on the floor. Raise both legs to make a “V” with your body. Join the hands and rotate properly. If you want, holding light dumbbells in both hands is a great idea. Start with three sets of twenty repetitions.

9.V Sit-ups:

It is one of the easiest and suitable exercises to target the belly fat, but it takes a little longer to do it perfectly right. Lie down on the floor with your arms behind the head.

Slowly lift your body and legs together and try to touch the feet with your hands. Beginning with three sets of 10 is good, but you should target to increase the number of reps slowly gradually.

10.Leg raise:

Lie properly on the ground. Slowly raise your legs in the air making a 90° angle with your legs and the body. Now take down the legs slowly on the floor. Try to follow three sets of 25 reps in the beginning.

These are some tough core exercises especially targeting the belly fat. You can choose any one of these according to your daily routine, physical condition, and strength.

There is no reason why you can’t cut down some fat from the abdomen. The bottom line is, you need to be honest and determined to have a physically fit body

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