Take This Vitamin to Deal With Your Mosquitos Problems

The late spring is directly down the corner. What’s more, with it comes the sweltering warmth, the groups at the shoreline, shorter and lesser garments, and clearly, mosquitoes. Some state that mosquitoes are pulled in because of the musky smell that turns out through us while we sweat.

Also, except if you are somebody who spends their whole day under a forced air system, odds are, you will sweat. This perspiration will pull in mosquitoes and you will get nibbled regardless of whether you murder every one of them. That nibble isn’t just aggravating yet in addition is a host for some, numerous infections. Apprehensive? You ought to be. In any case, read individually great.

Since we have effectively demolished summers for you, we should discuss how you can endure this with your mental stability unblemished for the constant humming of mosquitoes around your ear will undoubtedly make one distraught. You as of now have mosquito anti-agents. Different items that you can put on yourself or in your home, however that would likely prompt a foul smell exuding from you. Do you need that while you are out on the town? I don’t think so.

Well, here is a Godsend for you- Vitamin B1. This vitamin can be found in various foods like oatmeal, eggs, yeast, brown rice, asparagus, liver etc. Vitamin B1 or thiamine, as it is referred to in scientific circles, helps in reducing stress and boosting immunity, but that isn’t something that you should stress on right now.

What makes Vitamin B1 a good mosquito repellent? Well, to put it simply, it changes your scent for the mosquitoes. Instead of the scent that is bound to make them drool, it makes you disgusting to them. But don’t fret, you are still cool with your friends. It simply works on mosquitoes and while it might seem kind of disconcerting, all this scent changing, it is actually true.

Also, as a side note, don’t worry about taking too much as it won’t get you all bloated for the bikini season. It is water soluble, so anything that is extra, will get flushed straight down.

Even if this doesn’t help, what is the harm in consuming vitamins that are bound to help you nonetheless? For, Vitamin B1 helps in preventing cataract, limits type 2 Diabetes, improves the nervous system, and helps in a lot of other ways. Actually, people suffering from gastric disorder or anorexia should, in fact, consume more. So that they can compensate for the lack of thiamine in their body. This does sound like a sweet deal, doesn’t it? Take 100 mg of it daily, and you will find yourself dealing with mosquitoes lesser and lesser.

Well, if that disinterests you, you can still opt for the all natural mosquito repellent. Making it is easy, using it even more so.

For that, you would need:

Oil from Tea tree

Lavender Oil

Witch Hazel

Cool Boiled Water

Simply fill an 8-ounce spray bottle with boiled water halfway. Then add half a teaspoon of witch hazel and 15 drops of tea tree oil. Finally, add another 15 drops of lavender oil. Now, you have your own repellent. Use it as you want.

Hope this helps.


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