The Most Effective Ways to Lose Weight After 40 Years Of Age

Sometimes age is just a number, but as  a matter of fact, it is not just the experience that comes with the years but the strugles to be active, flexible, fit and healthy.


Once we hit the age of 40, our metabolism starts to slow down by 5%. Women have to cut 100 calories from their diet every day if they want to stay in the same shape. But, did you know that there are numerous ways which can help you burn calories? One of them is to turn down the heat at home! Sounds strange, right?

Here, we’re presenting 8 of the most efficient methods that can help you lose weight and stay thin after 40 years of age. Many of them can be fun, they aren’t difficult and you should definitely try them! difficult and can even be fun!

1. Do The Right Exercises:

You need to have from 4 to 5 resistance training sessions every week and perform 30 minutes of cardio exercises. You can have healthy muscles that will help you burn more calories if you do push-ups, clams, crunches, step-ups and bird dogs.

Your metabolism will be also helped if you walk at least 10,000 steps a day. You’ll lift your spirits, stay fit and be healthy!

2. Set Realistic Goals:

It is unreal to lose half of your weight in only 1 week. That can even cause more harm than good to your body.

Lose from 1 to 2 lb evert week. That will prevent the emotional and physical stress. It’s a goal which is reachable and healthy at the same time. Exercise properly, drink a lot of water and try to stay in shape!

3. Get Your Vitamins:

We need to intake vitamins every day so that our body could function properly. Some of the most important are vitamin B12, calcium, magnesium, potassium, Omega-3, probiotics and vitamin D.

You can find potassium for example in bananas, dried apricots and avocados. You can intake calcium from yoghurt and almonds. Intake vitamin D by staying out in the sun, but make sure you use a sunscreen!

4. Stay on Schedule:

You have to try and eat frequently and regularly. Don’t skip meals! Your metabolism will be a mess! You’ll start storing calories and not burning them. A good breakfast is the most important thing you can do. Don’t intake any nighttime snacks!

5. Rest Well Every Night:

A good night rest is also called “Beauty sleep” and it’s important for your whole body as well as your skin. Sleep deprivation can impact your brain negatively and you’ll skip workouts, eat junk food etc. You’ll overeat easily!

Try to rest well by not using any gadgets before going to bed. Turn off the TV and the computer, put away the phone and try to rest as much as you can!

6. Turn Down The Heat:

While we sleep, it’s important to be exposed to cooler temperatures. They will help us burn fat. Our body will work harder so that it could stay warm. There are 2 types of fat in adults: Adults have 2 types of fat: the good brown one and the bad white one. Brown fat generates heat and burns calories. If we’re in a warm area, the level of activity of the brown fat becomes stalled.

According to scientists, our temperature at home should be about 19° C.

7. Drink Enough Water:

Many people who bloat a lot think that the water is the most responsible, so they don’t intake it much. But, if you drink enough water, you’ll eliminate all the harmful matters and burn more calories.

Water detoxifies your body. If you drink 1 glass of water before a meal, you’ll decrease your appetite and won’t overeat. Drink more cold water. In that way, your body will use energy so that it can be heated and you’ll burn more calories.

8. Always Check Your Health:

Many people forget to check their health when they’re 40. For example, they forget to check their thyroid as well as their liver, but this is very important. These 2 organs are the most common which become affected after this particular age.

Talk to your doctor. You’ll need to change your diet and your lifestyle to improve your liver, but the thyroid is a little bit more complicated.

Even though this kind of losing weight after the age of 40 might seem like a challenge to you, these are all pleasant ways to do it! Try them ow!

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